A youth’s departure from home marks the beginning of adulthood and a new stage in a young adult’s life. This critical juncture and the surrounding years, often referred to as the transition to adulthood, is increasingly recognized as a distinct developmental stage between adolescence and adulthood. Youth who reach this stage and are living in foster care are often at a significant disadvantage. In 2005, over 24,000 youths found themselves in this circumstance (DHHS, 2006). They “aged out” of the foster care system and entered into the world of adulthood relatively alone.  Studies of former foster youth who age out of care find that these youth generally experience high unemployment, unstable employment patterns, and earn very low incomes in the period between ages 18 and 21.

As part of it's mission, The Blue Ribbon Project aims to help reduce unemployment amongst foster youth and those that age out of the system. Job-Connect is a program offered by The Blue Ribbon Project that connects youth with employers. We also assist foster youth with lifeskills training and job assistance.


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